BBC Classical Musician gives SmartScales 5 Stars!

Eleanor Cooper, journalist for BBC Classical Musician was kind enough to give SmartScales 5 stars in her review of the app:

“If only apps likes this had been around when I was a seven year-old, hacking away at scales and arpeggios on a much-abused quarter-sized violin…  To so many young players, scales are repetitive, difficult and boring.  Rob Lewis, on of the co-founders of SmartScales, felt similarly and set out to do something about it.  The regulating app contains a range of accompaniments to all of the set ABRSM scales and arpeggios, which help give them some musical context and help make practice interesting.  The scale is played too, but those wanting to challenge themselves further can with it off.  Tempo can be adjusted from a beginner’s pace to expert speed, and is make clearly by an optional metronome.  The overall design is pleasing and easy to navigate, and the only regret is that it’s currently only aimed at string instruments [and subsequently piano].  For any despondent child violinist wanting to pack it all in, this app may well prove a rescue package”